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To get from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel you just have to go to the dock, buy a Ferry ticket at any of the two ship companies and in 40 minutes you will be arriving to one of the best destinations in Mexico. If you arrive by plane, we recommend you take a taxi at the airport.

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Transport by taxi is fast and comfortable, but if you plan to be in Cozumel for a few days, we suggest to rent a motorcycle or a car.

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Cozumel high season is from December to April, but there are cruise ships every day throughout the year.

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If you want to visit Cozumel during a fun time we recommend you go during Carnival, since it is one of its most representative festivities, it is usually in the month of February but we recommend you check the dates online a few weeks before planning your trip

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It is important to know that the rainy season in Cozumel is in the summer and part of the Fall (July to November).

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Most of the commerce in downtown Cozumel, close early because most cruise ships leave the island, but the restaurants and bars are open. So if your plan is shopping, do it early or before 4pm.

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